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Drastically reducing wedding plastic

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Hope you are all having an amazing summer!

We will be attending the Homegrown Food Festival in Northallerton on the 30th June, and are excited and motivated by this year's theme of 'Getting Drastic on Plastic! So in keeping with this, we have been thinking about ways to encourage less plastic use on your wedding day.

Easy ways to reduce your plastic consumption at your wedding

1. It's tempting to splash out on single use decorations such as balloons, streamers and various bits and bobs to make the venue look perfect... But is there a plastic free alternative?

Can you hire decor rather than buy new? (also handy in the savings department!)

Lots of everyday items can be recycled into quirky decorations, such as old jam jars for tealight holders, or streamers and bunting made from all those old dresses you swore you'd take down the charity shop but forgot about!

Tea lights in a recycled jar look fantastic as table decorations

Check out local buy, sell, swap groups for once-used wedding themed items,and pop them back on once you've had your day- you probably don't fancy a 'just married' sign cluttering up the garage forever, and this way, someone else can enjoy it just as you did!

2.Avoid disposable cutlery, plates and cups as far as possible- most people will use real crockery for their wedding breakfast, which will be reused thousands of times, and that's great! But what about if you have a food truck at your wedding? Or an outside bar? Can they use an eco- friendly version of their serve ware that can be composted or recycled?

Iced tea in a field of grass
Biopac takeaway cup for an Iced Tea

We use Biopac for our disposables, but still use as little as possible in order to reduce overall wastage. Encourage guests to dispose of any such items properly as well- your caterer should be able to advise on this!

3.Favours- swap out anything that will probably end up in the bin for packets of flower seeds- there are so many cute ideas out there. Try something along these lines, ready to be filled with your choice of seeds.

Or for a delicious twist on the favour theme, how about edible favours wrapped in recyclable paper or even unwrapped iced biscuits as place names? These are an easy (ish!) DIY job, or if you aren't the baking type, just ask a local baker/caterer if they can help!

4. Plastic confetti- lots of venues won't even allow this as an option anymore, and for good reason! It has virtually no chance of all being cleared up, and will just end up sitting in landfill or getting washed into waterways. Natural confetti made from flower petals is a fabulous alternative, as it is just as colourful but will biodegrade! You can order large quantities pretty cheaply, and have guests take a handful each or package it in paper cones (super easy!)

Fresh petal confetti is pretty, but dried petals are more convenient

Some plastic is probably going to get used, so ensure you or your venue provide recycling facilities; even if it is just bins to separate plastics, cans and glass bottles. Your caterers are hopefully recycling already, just as we do. But it never hurts to double check!

I hope these tips help you when planning for a wedding, or any other special event. There will be more handy hints on how to throw eco-friendly parties in following blog posts, so do sign up for notifications!

Until next time #brewcrewyorkshire!


Kirsten x

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