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Choosing Ethical Chocolate

Hello #Brewcrewyorkshire!

Who loves chocolate?

We do!

This Easter weekend we are at the York Chocolate Festival! So what better time to talk about #chocolate

Here at Tea Time Yorkshire we use chocolate in so many recipes, from indulgent millionaires’ tarts to our own blend real hot chocolate that we serve from Henrietta the H Van.

Easter is when all of us think of chocolate!

Using so much of the lovely stuff means we take it seriously- we always use real chocolate, and only ever the best at that.

Indulgent chocolate cakes... so much chocolate, so good

Chocolate fudge

The chocolate in question?


When Rosa chose our chocolate supplier, she wasn't just concerned with how it tasted (although obviously, it needs to be delicious!), she was determined to ensure that they matched our values of using ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients.

You see, chocolate has a few problematic ingredients, the main ones being cocoa and palm oil.

The growth and processing of both ingredients can be a huge environmental and social issue if not managed properly and sustainably.

Therefore, choosing a supplier that can certify that their products are sustainable was incredibly important as we want to reduce the negative impact food has on the environment and local cocoa growing communities as far as possible.

Barry Callebaut have had a long-standing commitment to improving the livelihoods of cocoa farmers through interactions with farmer cooperatives in origin countries, as well as through their direct sourcing and farm services organization Biolands. In addition to this, Callebaut have been working with multiple sustainability initiatives, and global development institutions to further address sustainability issues in their supply chain.

The whole supply journey of chocolate from bean to final product is examined for sustainability issues

Building on the foundations of all of these initiatives and partnerships, Callebaut launched 'Forever Chocolate'- an overarching strategy to scales up current efforts towards a sustainable future for chocolate.

There are four goals in the Forever Chocolate strategy:

· We will eradicate child labour from our supply chain

· We will lift more than 500,000 cocoa farmers out of poverty

· We will become carbon and forest positive

· We will have 100% sustainable ingredients in all of our products

Sounds great doesn't it?

These are values and targets we can get behind, with every sale from Callebaut's ranges such as the HORIZONS cocoa and chocolate products providing funding to help with achieving these goals.

Their four key goals may seem ambitious, but by supporting suppliers who aim to make a real difference, even small businesses such as ours can make a difference.

Mini egg Easter cakes made with plenty of real chocolate

Keep eating ethical chocolate #brewcrewyorkshire !

(especially with a sustainably sourced brew 😉)


Kirsten xx