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4 Things you need to know before booking Wedding catering for your Wedding Breakfast...

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Hello again our lovely Brew Crew!

Here's one all about booking your caterer for your Wedding Breakfast.

Planning a wedding can be a pretty daunting task and the food is such an essential part of this... especially if you are anything like me and love your food!

This is the first of a few blogs we are planning about your wedding food so keep a look out for the next ones.

Barn Wedding table speaches

1. It is so important to book early, catering should be the next thing on your list after deciding your venue.

If you choose a venue like a Hotel, often you are limited to their own in house catering. However they will often let you choose something that they can't offer themselves. So if you are desperate to have a food truck or hog roast, it is always worth asking the question.

If you are choosing to go for a marquee, a village hall, or a barn conversion like Thief Hall in North Yorkshire, you have a much wider selection of catering options and companies to choose from. So if you are booking catering separate to your venue it is always worth getting that deposit down at least a year before to bag that preferred supplier.

2. BUDGET! Have a budget in mind for all of your catering and drinks. What can you afford to spend? But please be wary of trying to spend too little, be realistic with your budget. Food is one of the main things guests will remember about your wedding. You don't want it to be for the wrong reasons! There is always cheaper caterers out there, as with anything. But you have to consider what is important to you? Saving a few quid and booking that bargain caterer? It could mean poor quality food, poor hygiene and bad service on the day. It's always worth reading reviews before booking.

Crayke Hall Wedding Barn
Crayke Hall Wedding Barn

3. Dietary requirements, vegetarians, vegans and those just plain old fussy eaters! How on earth can you please everyone?

Well any good caterer will provide alternatives!

As a wedding caterer we need to know of any dietary requirements before the day, and the sooner we know the better! This really helps us to plan and help you choose your menu alternatives based on these. We want to make sure there is something for everyone. The last thing we would want is for anyone to go hungry for the whole day especially if there are lots of drinks involved. Lets face it, it could just get messy! I always recommend asking all your guests on your wedding invites if they have any special dietary requirements or to let you know if they are really fussy. It's best to leave space for them to fill this in on their RSVP. This way we know if there are any gluten frees, lactose intolerants or any very serious anaphylactic allergies, we can then avoid using that ingredient altogether. If your wedding caterer doesn't offer an alternative for all of your guests with specific requirements then it is probably worth finding one that does.

4. And finally, one of the most important questions to ask yourself is... What do you like to eat????

As a couple do you have a favourite food type, or meal that is full of memories? Make it about you, your style, and memories together. However be wary if this is something that other guests may not enjoy, because of it's unique taste or if it is spicy for example, it would be worth having another option for people to choose if this is the case.

We love hearing from you, let us know if there is anything that is important to you we have missed. Or are you already married? Do you have any other tips or is there anything you wish you had known sooner?

See you next time #brewcrewyorkshire

Love Rosa xx

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